Pedro Cano

Pedro is one of our longest working employees and began working for Gail Willey Landscaping in 1993. He spent years working directly with Gail on many of our largest custom projects, as well as many large rock walls in the Reno/Tahoe area. Pedro became a foreman in 2000. He is our foremost rock wall builder and is very proficient on the large excavators. He has continued to impress us with his skills and patience when it comes to building walls in the most challenging of situations. Some of his projects include extremely difficult wall repairs at Sun Mesa, Somerset, and Lake Stanley, as well as many large wall installations including Legacy Homes, Five Ridges, Mountain Meadows Estates, and countless residential installs. 

Andres Lobo

Andres Lobo began working for Gail Willey Landscaping in 2005 and worked as a laborer until 2018 when he was promoted to Foreman.  Andres is very skilled and proficient in all aspects of landscape installation, including hardscape and softscape, planting, lighting, rockery walls, etc. Andres always shows up ready to work and with a strong desire to get things done right. His projects have also been recognized by the NLA. In his free time, he loves spending time in nature, hiking and fishing with his wife and kids. 

Dimas Lobo

Dimas began working for Gail Willey Landscaping in 2005. He spent many years working with Gail as a laborer and became a foreman in 2008. Dimas is well seasoned in all areas of landscaping and is continually driven to build projects of the highest quality. He is proficient on all large equipment and is a great representation of our company’s desire for excellence. He is a huge asset to the Gail Willey Team. Many of his projects have also been recognized through awards by the Nevada Landscape Association.  In his free time, Dimas loves spending time with his wife and kids, and they enjoy spending time outdoors hunting and fishing. 

Claudio Sosa

Claudio joined the Gail Willey Team in 2005 and spent numerous years working directly with Gail. Claudio became a foreman in 2017 where he has absolutely exceeded our expectations in all aspects of landscape installations. He is one of our top guys for many of our custom projects including large water features, koi ponds, outdoor kitchens, porcelain pavers, and rock walls. Many of His projects have been recognized by the Nevada Landscape Association, with many first places in hardscapes and water features, as well as multiple president’s awards for both residential and commercial installation. In his time off, Claudio enjoys spending time with his wife and kids and his new puppy.

Saul Escobar

Saul joined the Gail Willey Team in 2005. He worked as the right-hand laborer for a crew until he was promoted to foreman in 2017.  Saul is passionate about building only the best and excels in all areas of landscaping.  Many of his projects include large custom natural-style water features and custom hardscape installations. Saul takes a lot of pride in his work as well as his crew.  His projects have also won multiple Nevada Landscape Association first-place awards.

He enjoys spending time with his wife and his son Michael, who works for Gail Willey when he’s not attending school.

Ruben Madrigal

Ruben “Palabritas” Madrigal has been working with Gail Willey Landscaping since 2012. He worked as the righthand laborer for another foreman until 2018 when he was promoted to foreman. It is very difficult to find many people with his skill and work ethic. Ruben is proficient in all aspects of landscaping including putting greens, synthetic turf, hardscapes, and rock walls. In his free time, Ruben enjoys spending time with his family. 

Arnoldo Martinez

Arnoldo Martinez joined Gail Willey Landscaping 2019 as a laborer. After four years of dedicated work, he was promoted to a Forman position. He has taken on the responsibility for commercial jobs such as 5 Ridges, Silver Crest Condos, and Mountain Meadows projects. He has exceptional skill and knowledge of Landscape installation, and he keeps his projects safe and organized. In his spare time Arnoldo enjoys watching TV shows and dedicates time to growing a vegetable garden with tomatoes, cucumber, and watermelon.

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