Large Trees

Transplanting Trees for Over 50 Years

We are a 2nd generation team and have been transplanting trees since the late 60’s. We own large and small tree spades and carry with us generations of knowledge and experience.

Saving Trees

Most of our trees range from 18-25’ tall and our tree spade is equipped to handle the digging and transplanting seamlessly. We can transplant on site or across town along with salvaging trees from new developments. Don’t cut down that gorgeous tree – give us a call and let us save and transplant it for others to enjoy!

Types We Offer

We offer affordably priced mature specimen native trees delivered and planted with a high-level of care to prevent transplant shock. We can provide as many trees as you desire to incorporate into your current landscape design or move/transplant existing trees that you already have.

Types of trees that we offer:

  • Ponderosa Pine
  • Jeffrey Pine
  • Incense Cedar
  • White Fir

(We offer other locally grown species as they come available)

Harvested Locally

Our trees are harvested from local areas that match Reno’s conditions (zone, elevation, soil, etc.). We choose to harvest locally to provide the best possible conditions for the transplanted tree to survive and thrive beautifully.

Proper Tree Care for Large Transplanted Tree

  • After initially watering every other day for the first two weeks, water every 2-3 days. 40 gallons per day. Place emitters at the edge of the tree ball for full 360-degree coverage.
  • Once a year, in early spring, have the trees sprayed or injected for Bark Beetle protection. This is extremely important for the health of your new trees.
  • Never cover the top of the tree ball with rock, sod, or DG (decomposed granite). Native mulch such as shredded bark or pine needles is best, a few inches deep.
  • For Bark Beetle spraying or trunk injection, please contact: A local tree care specialist company

Meet our team:

Jeff Lancaster

Owner – Large Tree Division, Decorative boulders & Sales

Jeff went to work for Gail Willey Landscaping in 1999. After high school, he worked as a logger for 10 years. He learned how to identify tree varieties and how they grow. Jeff also learned the trade of working large machinery, including tree spades. He currently runs the large tree division, selling, moving, and transplanting trees of all varieties. Jeff holds a Class A commercial drivers’ license.
In his spare time, Jeff loves to camp and is an avid fisherman.