This post is based on our original pdf about winterizing irrigation systems.

Winter Shutdown Procedure

  1. Close the main supply/shutoff valve (marked in blue.)

    looking down the stand pipe at the irrigation main valve

  2. Open all 1/4″ ball valves on the backflow preventer.

    backflow preventer with the correct "open " or "on" postition

  3. Turn ball valves on the backflow preventer to a 45 degree (or less) angle.

    backflow preventer at 45 degress

  4. Open all drains in the main line and in the valves boxes (marked in green).

    drain covers

  5. Open all bleed screws on the valves or turn all solenoids to the “ON” position.

    Bleed screws on valves

  6. Turn clock to the “off” position.

    Clock in off position

  7. Cover the backflow preventer with a backflow blanket.

  8. Check the hose bib to be sure you did not turn off the house water supply!

  9. Your house main is marked in red.